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How to allow-list the Monsido crawler in Akamai
How to allow-list the Monsido crawler in Akamai

Set up your Akamai account to allow Monsido to crawl your website

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If you use Akamai for content delivery or security services, you may experience that Monsido scans are blocked or interrupted by the Akamai security tools. Akamai blocks most web crawlers and other bots. This article gives instructions on how to add the Monsido crawler to the list of allowed crawlers so that the scans are able to run smoothly.


This section gives the prerequisites needed to set up Akamai so that the Monsido scan can work in Akamai.

  1. The Bot Manager product must be enabled on your Akamai account in order for you to get access to the allow-listing feature.


This section gives instructions on how to allow-list Monsido in Akamai.

Akamai offers two methods to allow-list crawlers and bots.

Allow-list the category

This section gives instructions on how to enable the SEO, Analytics or Marketing Bots category.

Note: When you allow-list the entire category called SEO, Analytics or Marketing Bots, you permit any bot or crawler that is in that category to run on your website. The list of allowed bots and crawlers in the category is maintained by Akamai. The Monsido crawler is placed inside this category.

  1. Open your security configuration inside the Akamai platform UI. It is located on the menu on the left side of the page, under the domain name.

  2. Select the relevant security policy from the list in the Security Policies section.

  3. Select Bot Management from the menu on the left, in the category Match Target And Protections.

  4. Select Akamai Bot Categories on the list that opens on the right side of the page under Bot Management. The menu expands.

    The location of the options in the steps above on the Akamai platform UI, as described in the steps.
  5. Locate the SEO, Analytics or Marketing Bots category, under Akamai Bot Categories.

  6. Select Monitor from the Action menu.

    The location of the SEO, Analytics, or Marketing Bots category as described in the steps.

​Allow-list only the Monsido crawler

This section gives instructions on how to allow-list only the Monsido crawler as a custom-defined bot

It is possible to allow-list a single crawler, for example Monsido, instead of subscribing to an entire category. To do this, follow these instructions provided by Akamai (an Akamai account is required to access the article).

Information about IP addresses and the Monsido user agent for the crawler may be needed when you set up a custom-defined bot.

IP addresses used by Monsido:

United States & Canada

UK & Europe

Australia & New Zealand

User Agent:
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Monsidobot/2.2; +;

For more information, see the Monsido user guide article:

Additional Resources

For more information on the topics covered in this article, see:

See Monsido for Developers collection for more documentation containing advanced help for developers.

For definitions and explanations of acronyms and abbreviations used in the Monsido user guide, see:

For further assistance, contact the Monsido support team at or use the Monsido chat and help features inside the application.

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