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Why are there missing documents in my inventory?
Why are there missing documents in my inventory?

Explanation of the Monsido inventory and domain groups setup that affect how documents show up

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Problem: Domain groups do not contain any documents in their inventory.


  • A domain group is a subset of the main domain scan. Monsido does not do a new scan for the domain group. Monsido checks all of the pages and links from the main domain scan for any matches to the rules within a domain group. Monsido then assigns them to the respective domain group. A page can belong to multiple domain groups, but only if it matches the rules.

  • Domain group matching does NOT apply for children elements of a page. So for example, a page A contains pages B, C and D. But if the domains group rule only matches A, then the pages B, C and D will not show up on the
    Inventory > Content > HTML pages/Documents/Images/Inline Images.
    For B, C or D to appear on the inventory, they also need to match any of the domain group rules.

  • When a page is assigned to a domain group, the relation/information of this specific page (let’s call it A) is also carried over.
    For example: The incoming and outgoing links of page A are carried over, and are visible on the Page details list or under Inventory > Content > Links. But the images/documents/HTML pages which are found on page A are not necessarily carried over with them. The "children" will only be visible on:
    Inventory > Content > HTML pages/Documents/Images/Inline Images
    if they also match the rules of the domain group.

  • PDFs that are not configured properly in the Rules section during domain group setup are still visible on Monsido in these places:

    • Page details

    • Inventory > Content > Links

    But they won’t appear on
    Inventory > Content > Documents
    because their own URL does not match the rules of the domain group.

For instructions and more information, see the User Guide articlees:

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