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Monsido Product Adoption - CivicPlus Video Library
Monsido Product Adoption - CivicPlus Video Library

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Monsido Product Adoption is a new short video series providing tips and tricks on how CivicPlus users can use Monsido tools to elevate your web accessibility and web optimization.

  1. Monsido Quality Assurance

    Your residents expect the highest quality communications from their government leaders — which means each misspelled word and broken link puts you at risk of disappointing them. Let’s fix that.

    Your Monsido Quality Assurance (QA) module allows you to quickly identify and resolve content errors your team might have overlooked due to time constraints or lack of resources. Here’s how the QA module can help you execute quality content:

    • Immediately Address Broken Links 
      Identify broken links on your website for correction. With the Monsido browser extension, you can easily find and fix broken links immediately.  

    • Correct Spelling Errors
      Identify misspellings and potential misspellings and how many pages they affect so you can proactively ensure content consistency across your domains.

    • Create a Custom Dictionary 
      Do you frequently use brand names, acronyms, or industry terminology? Create a custom dictionary to ensure that all custom-spelled terms are correct and unified across your domains. Easily hold content creators accountable for ensuring on-brand and accurate communications across your website content.   

    • Streamline Content Corrections with the Monsido PageCorrect™ Feature 
      Temporarily and quickly fix website issues outside of your content management system.

    User Best Practice 🔥 Tip: When Should I Click “Ignore” on a Web Issue?  

    Monsido automatically flags all errors; however, some of what the software identifies as an error might not be an issue. On this rare occasion, click Ignore to train our system not to flag that content as incorrect.

    Click below to watch a demonstration of these powerful features.

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