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Performance module upgrade to Lighthouse 10
Performance module upgrade to Lighthouse 10

The Performance module has been updated to run on version 10 of Google Lighthouse and you'll likely see a change in your scores

Updated over a week ago

Monsido has upgraded to a new performance weight system with Google Lighthouse version 10. Google Lighthouse is the tool that delivers data to the Performance module.

In Lighthouse version 10, the metric Time To Interactive (TTI) is removed. At the same time, the weighting of the different metrics in the calculation of the overall score is changing. For those reasons, you are likely to see a change in your Performance Score as a result of the upgrade.

The History Center displays an indication that the version has changed, to help users understand why the Performance score may show a sudden jump.

For more information on how the scores are calculated after the upgrade, see:

For more information about the reasons behind the removal of the TTI metric, see:

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