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Puppeteer 20 upgrade

Monsido has improved the rendering of your website with the Puppeteer 20 upgrade

Updated over a week ago

If you see an orange line on your History Center chart with the label "Puppeteer 20", it means that Monsido has started scanning your domain with version 20 of the new-generation browser service technology called Puppeteer.

What is a browser service?

A browser service is an automatic tool that Monsido uses to render and crawl your website. It provides the basis for finding issues on your website and reporting them to you through the Monsido UI. Think of it as a computer that accesses your website in the same way a human would - through a browser - and renders it in order to be able to run different checks, for example looking for broken links or accessibility issues.

The Puppeteer technology is developed and maintained by Google.

What's new in Puppeteer 20?

Apart from a bunch of general tweaks and updates that improve the rendering of websites, Puppeteer 20 introduces Chrome for Testing which is a brand new standard for automated tests on websites. It is essentially a variation of the Google Chrome browser that is built solely for the purpose of automated tests, such as those carried out by Monsido. With Chrome for Testing, rendering results are more accurate and stable because it eliminates the discrepancies in results between headless and headful browsing.

How Puppeteer 20 benefits you as a Monsido user

With the new Puppeteer version, Monsido is able to provide more accurate crawl results, even for websites that have a very complex structure. This also means that we may find more issues on your domain than when we were scanning with previous versions. In other words, you may be seeing a slight jump in issue count as a result of using Puppeteer 20.

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