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FAQ for Monsido Starter
FAQ for Monsido Starter

Monsido Starter frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between Monsido Starter and Monsido?

Monsido’s Starter product trial is a light configuration of the Monsido platform exclusively available to all CivicPlus customers coming from WebCentral. Monsido Starter has been modified from the Monsido offering and does not include the full functionality of the Monsido modules featured.

Monsido Starter allows you to detect your website issues with web accessibility and content quality assurance. Monsido allows you to detect, explore the cause of the issue and fix it. Monsido Starter provides you with a passive view, no action beyond that is possible with this light configuration.

When should I use Monsido Starter?

Monsido Starter is the first step to help you gain understanding the state of compliance of your website with web accessibility and content quality issues. Once your organization makes a plan for how to maintain an accessible website and reliable content, and commits a people resource, then you can move forward with the full version of Monsido.

Why do I need Monsido Starter when I have accessible templates in CP Web Central?

Websites are created in a dynamic and not static form, therefore they requires continuous updates with accurate information, in an accessible way. For example, when you add a new announcement with a picture, you not only need to provide the right text, but also make sure that your picture is supported with alt text.

Why is my accessibility diagnostics compliance score so low?

The default dashboard view is set to show ALL errors, follow these steps to narrow the results and get a better idea of why the score appears to be low.

  • Click Showing All on the top right of the section to filter for:

    • Show All

    • Only Errors

    • Errors and Warnings (recommended).

      Accessibility diagnostics section with the Showing All button marked out and the expanded selection list visible.

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