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Use Monsido with Task Management Software (Jira, Asana, Github and others)
Use Monsido with Task Management Software (Jira, Asana, Github and others)

How to use Monsido with task management software

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This document gives instructions on how to add a direct link to a Monsido issue in your task management software. Many companies use task management software, sometimes also referred to as issue tracking software, to delegate tasks to relevant people within their organization. Here are some examples of popular task management software:

  • Jira

  • Asana


  • ClickUp

  • Github

  • Zoho.

From the Monsido Issue View screen, copy a direct link to an issue and paste it into any task management software.


This section gives instructions on how to use task management software to forward an issue to the correct team to fix errors that Monsido detects.

  1. Monsido finds a broken link (or other issue) on a page.

  2. Locate the issue in the Monsido UI and open the Issue View screen (available for the modules Accessibility, Quality Assurance, and Data Privacy).

  3. Click Copy URL to copy the issue link from Monsido's Issue View to your clipboard.

  4. Create a Jira (or other system) ticket for the broken link.

  5. Paste the link into the Jira ticket and assign it to the team or person in your organization responsible for fixing the issue. The link can be pasted into any field, for example the Description field or a custom field.

    When the ticket assignee clicks the link, it opens the relevant issue directly inside Monsido.

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