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Why does my Excel export look strange?
Why does my Excel export look strange?
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I have exported a file from Monsido, but special letters are being replaced with symbols such as commas, and this causes some of the data to land in the wrong column.


Monsido Excel exports are created in a format that allows special characters, but this must be selected at the time of import.

  1. Export: Click the Export button on the upper right side of the window.

    The Export button, on the top right-hand corner of the window.

  2. Select: Select your export file. A dialog box opens, chose the file to export.

    The dialog box with files listed.

    A dialog box opens: "Your export is currently being generated. You will receive an email when the export is ready. To see the current progress, click the user avatar on the upper right-hand side of the main page and select My Export. Alternatively, click the button below."

  3. Click Go to My Export, in the dialog box.

    The Go To My Exports button on the dialog box.

    The My Exports window opens.

  4. On the same row as the export, click Download.

    The download button, on the right-hand side of the export name.

    The file downloads to the local machine, normally to the downloads folder.

  5. Open Excel and click File --> Import.

    The Import option in the File menu.

  6. An Import dialog opens. Select CSF file type and then click Import.

    Radio button for CSV File, and the Import button on the dialog box.

  7. Browse to Downloads and select the file. Click Get Data.

    The Import Wizard dialog opens.

  8. Select:

    • Delimiters: Choose the one that your document uses to separate the data:

      • semicolon

      • commas.

    • File Origin: UTF-8: This ensures that special letters appear normally and that data is placed in the correct column in the Excel sheet.

  9. Click Finish.

  10. Choose the existing sheet.

  11. Click Import.

Note: If you do not have Excel, you can also convert the data with Google Sheets.

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