Monsido Update - Q2 2022
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Mobile Accessibility

Reach a broader audience with a mobile accessible website

Mobile accessibility refers to making websites and applications more accessible to people with disabilities when they are using mobile phones and other devices. While the WCAG criteria you’re looking at for your desktop site are still valid in helping your mobile site be more accessible, there are additional website experiences you need to consider when looking at mobile access specifically.

Industry average

Benchmark your website against industry standards for accessibility, SEO, and quality assurance. The industry average score automatically identifies improvement areas and provides you with simple steps to make your website more successful and outperform for your industry.

Domain Groups based on labels

Helping your organization create meaningful subsets of pages on your domain

  • A domain group is a subset of pages on a domain that are defined by a Monsido user.

  • Domain groups are based on one or more rules, for example page titles, URL patterns, or metadata.

  • Monsido Admin users can control which users on their Monsido account can and cannot access a domain group.

A picture demonstration of how to find domain groups based on labels.

Using the brand new labels rule gives you complete flexibility when creating domain groups.

  1. Add labels to pages on your domain

  2. Create a domain group that either includes or excludes one or more labels.

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