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Product Update: Monsido's Issue View
Product Update: Monsido's Issue View
Updated over a week ago

Streamline your team effort in achieving your web accessibility and web governance goals.

How do I benefit from this new feature?

Monsido's Issue View allows you to manage and assign web accessibility and governance tasks to the right team colleagues. The issue view URL can be copied and pasted in any task management platform like Asana, Monday, JIRA, and others. No integration needed.

How does it work?

Each site's issue has now a unique ID number in Monsido and it's possible to generate a unique URL for each issue. This means that your colleagues are now able to share a specific "issue view" within the team. It helps users to stay focused and solve one issue at a time as a team. The issue view feature is included in the following modules: Accessibility, Quality Assurance, and Data Privacy.

See an example of the website issue view for "broken link".

A website displaying what a broken link will look like.

For more information, see the User Guide article:

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