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Shift+o opens PageAssist. How can I disable that?

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Q: How can I disable the PageAssist keyboard shortcut? Shift+o opens PageAssist, when I have that shortcut already assigned to another action.

Answer: To disable the hotkey, manually add the parameter hotkeyEnabled: false, to the PageAssist script. See the example below where it has been added at the bottom of the script.

<script type="text/javascript">

window._monsido = window._monsido || {

token: "dfgdfgdfgdfgnvbc",

heatmap: {

enabled: true,


pageAssistV2: {

enabled: true,

theme: "light",

mainColor: "#783CE2",

textColor: "#ffffff",

linkColor: "#783CE2",

buttonHoverColor: "#783CE2",

mainDarkColor: "#052942",

textDarkColor: "#ffffff",

linkColorDark: "#FFCF4B",

buttonHoverDarkColor: "#FFCF4B",

greeting: "Discover your personalization options",

direction: "leftbottom",

coordinates: "undefined undefined undefined undefined",

iconShape: "circle",

title: "Personalization Options",

titleText: "Welcome to PageAssist™ toolbar! Adjust the options below to cater the website to your accessibility needs.",

iconPictureUrl: "logo",

logoPictureUrl: "",

logoPictureBase64: "",

languages: [""],

defaultLanguage: "",

skipTo: false,

alwaysOnTop: false,

hotkeyEnabled: false,


Q: I have an issue with load time, can PageAssist be the problem?

Answer: No. When PageAssist is installed, the load script size is 33kb. The script adds the icon to the page. When a user clicks the icon, the 187kb script loads with the PageAssist functionality.

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