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Mobile Accessibility Scans

How to set up Mobile Accessibility Scanning

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This article gives instructions on how to set up and use Mobile Accessibility scans.

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When Mobile Accessibility is enabled, Monsido makes an additional scan of the website to simulate how it renders on a mobile device. This data is used to pick up device-specific code that only loads when a website opens on a mobile device. Based on this mobile rendition of the website, Monsido can perform two additional checks in addition to the accessibility checks that already run on the website.

Essentially, these two checks determine if a web page is properly responsive. Responsiveness is a basic requirement for having an accessible website. The checks are displayed in the Monsido UI and can be filtered out of the other checks. They are also displayed in the Monsido Browser Extension.

Check 1: Is pinch-to-zoom disabled?
Some websites have, on purpose, disabled the option for visitors to be able to zoom in on a web page by pinching with their fingers. This is not an accessible experience, as visually impaired users should always have a zoom option, even on a mobile device. This check generates a flag if pinch-to-zoom is disabled.

Check 2: Does the web page require two-dimensional scrolling?
If a website is not properly responsive, there might be scenarios where a user needs to scroll both vertically and horizontally to read a paragraph of text or view an image. Typically, this happens if a website owner has not defined the image size for mobile devices, and the image displays in the same size as it would on a desktop computer (meaning a visitor needs to scroll up and down and sideways to view all of the content). This is not an accessible experience for visually impaired users and users with motor disabilities (it is very strenuous for your wrist/arm to scroll in two dimensions). This check generates a flag if a web page requires two-dimensional scrolling.

Enable Mobile Scans

This section gives instructions on how to enable mobile scans on a website,

  1. Contact support and request Mobile Scans for the website.

  2. Select a Mobile Guideline:

    • WCAG 2.1 AA mobile

    • WCAG 2.1 AAA mobile.

For more information on how to select a guideline for your domain, see the Setup section in the User Guide Document:

Disable Mobile Scans

This section gives instructions on how to disable mobile scans on a website.

  1. Contact support and request Monsido to disable mobile scans.

    Important! When mobile scanning is disabled, it applies to all domains in the user plan. This feature is closely tied to accessibility scans and the feature must be turned off from the support team end. No accessibility scans are done until the accessibility feature is turned on again and reconfigured. The user can set this up. See the links below for instructions.

  2. Turn on and configure accessibility scans for each domain on the account.

    For more information, see the User Guide chapters:

Filter for Mobile-Only Error Type

To filter for Mobile Only issues and errors:

  1. Click Check List on the Accessibility page.

  2. Click Filter. The Filters list expands.

  3. Select Accessibility error type. The error type list expands.

  4. Select Mobile only.

  5. Select a mobile-specific error:

    • Pinch-to-zoom

    • Two-dimensional scrolling.

  6. The filter is only visible if the scan is set to perform the mobile scan.

  7. These issues can also be found in the Accessibility module in the Pages with Failing Checks section.

Additional Information

For more information, see the User Guide chapters and sources below:

For more information about accessibility requirements, see the following sources:

See also:

  • This is a guide to help organizations understand the basics of website compliance, and provide useful information and tools to help them reach their web compliance goals.

See Monsido for Developers for documentation and advanced help files for developers.

For definitions and explanations of acronyms and abbreviations used in the Monsido User Guide, see:

For further assistance, contact the Monsido support team at or use the Monsido chat and help features inside the application.

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