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Visual indication when you Change the Accessibility Guideline
Visual indication when you Change the Accessibility Guideline

When you switch from one Accessibility guideline to another, Monsido automatically annotates your compliance charts to reflect the change

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If you have recently switched from scanning your domain against one Accessibility guideline to another, you’ve most likely noticed that a dashed, orange line appeared on your compliance score charts.

Why am I seeing the orange annotations?

When you switch to scanning with a different Accessibility guideline than your current one, you’re likely to see a sudden change in your compliance score in the Accessibility module. This is because the guideline you’ve switched to may have more or fewer checks than the previous one, the checks may be categorized differently, and so on.

To help you, your colleagues and stakeholders clearly understand when your organization switched to using a new guideline, Monsido automatically adds an orange line to your charts. This makes it clear exactly when the switch happened and why you may be seeing a change in your compliance score.

The text on the annotation indicates which guideline version and level you have switched to.

When do the orange annotations show?

An annotation shows on the bar of the first scan on your new guideline.


On March 1, your domain was scanned against the WCAG 2.1 guideline.

On March 3, you switched from WCAG 2.1 to WCAG 2.2.

On March 8, your domain was scanned against the WCAG 2.2 guideline.

In this case, your compliance charts would show an entry for the scan on March 1 and another for the one on March 8. The orange annotation shows on the March 8 entry.

Where are the annotations visible?

The orange annotations are showing on the compliance charts in the Accessibility module as well as in the Accessibility section of the History Center.

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