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Heatmaps FAQ and Troubleshooting
Heatmaps FAQ and Troubleshooting

Answers to common questions about the Monsido Heatmaps add-on

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Please see Heatmaps for full instructions on the heatmaps add-on.

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FAQ about heatmaps

This section contains answers to some frequently asked questions about the Monsido Heatmaps feature.

Q. What does the heatmap analysis do?

A. Heatmaps provide a graphical representation of data using a system of color-coding to represent different values. The Monsido Heatmap feature uses a warm-to-cold color scheme to show customers how their web pages are performing. The warmest color (red) indicates the highest visitor engagement and the coolest color (blue) indicates the lowest visitor engagement.

Q. What are the benefits of heatmaps?

A. Heatmaps can be used to easily visualize complex data and reveal how visitors behave when they engage with the website.

Q. What insights can I get from a heatmap?

A. Heatmaps contain many insights on how visitors actually interact with web pages. This allows website owners to identify problem areas and to make targeted improvements for a better overall visitor experience.

Q. Does the Heatmaps feature work with mobile and tablet devices?

A. Yes. The Heatmap feature is split into 3 device types: Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.

Q. Can I generate a number of heatmaps at the same time?

A. Yes. Multiple pages can be added to heatmaps at one time. Please note that the number of heatmaps that can be added by a customer depends on the specifics of their contract.

Q. Can I target specific pages when I configure a heatmap?

A. Yes. Open the Heatmaps feature and then search for pages to apply a heatmap rule onto.

Q. Do heatmaps use cookies?

A. No. Cookies are not used for heatmaps.


This section gives the solution to some known issues that may need to be adjusted on your heatmaps installation.

Q. Can I get the heatmaps feature to work on my site if the x-frame option is set to DENY?

A. This may cause heatmaps to malfunction. Try to set the x-frame option to
​ sameorigin .

No mobile heatmaps data is loading on my heatmap.

Please make sure that your Browser Extension is updated to the latest version. This happens automatically when you quit your browser app and open it again. However, if you do not shut down their browser/computer but merely let it "sleep" with the browser application open, it will not automatically update.

  1. Restart your browser


  2. Navigate to "Manage Extensions" and click the "Update" button.

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