Q. My scan is stuck on external links and gives me a response code "N/A". Why is this happening?

N/A is the common response code we get for requests that are not resolved.

When a URL is typed in the URL address bar, the client (in this case the browser) sends a request to the server which hosts the asset (a page, an image, or a document).

Monsido also does the same request during the scanning process. If the server takes too long to find the right resource, the response can be a time-out or may not resolve.

  • This means that the page, image, or asset is housed in the server, but the server may be down when the request happened.

The scanning process is lengthy and often takes hours to complete. When the Monsido crawler scans a link to an asset hosted by a server that is down, Monsido cannot determine if the response is a 404 (client), 500 (internal server error), or 300 (redirect issue), and the response code is N/A (Not Available).

For more help, please contact support.

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