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What does Monsido track with our cookies?
What does Monsido track with our cookies?

The Monsido cookies and what they are used for

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What is Monsido tracking with our cookie?

The cookie(s) created by the Monsido script track unique returning visitors and collect page views from the same visitor. This data is included in visit session details.

Note: The Monsido cookie is only created when the Statistics feature is enabled.

See Statistics for instructions on how to set up this feature.

The value is a randomly generated string. A new one is generated if the cookie is not found. The cookie expires 30 days after the latest visit, and each visitor has a unique value on each visited domain; for example, it is not shared across domains or with Monsido customers in general.

Monsido tracks with this cookie:

  • Time and duration of visit

  • Geographical location

  • Type of browser

  • Operating system

  • Screen size

  • IP addresses (anonymized)

Note: before we anonymize the IP address, Monsido extracts the GEO information.

The unique ID is located on the user machine and is not stored.

Additional information

For more information see the help center articles:

For further assistance, contact the Monsido support team at or via the Monsido chat and help features inside the application.

The Monsido toolbar with the location of the help center and support buttons highlighted.

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