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What should I do if my scan is on hold?
What should I do if my scan is on hold?

Scanning - On Hold message and how to proceed.

Updated over a week ago

What should I do if my scan is in status - On Hold?

A scan that is on hold has most likely been flagged because more than 30% of the existing pages have been updated and/or changed in some way since the last scan.

This causes a red flag in the system. Issues that are On Hold are automatically and immediately sent to our support team for assistance in unblocking and restarting the scan.

If a scan stops because the amount of data changed is more than 30%, and this is expected to happen regularly, try to limit the number of pages scanned with path constraints or link exclusions. See the user guide article:

For further assistance, contact support or use the Monsido chat and help features inside the application.

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