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Why has my scan stalled?
Why has my scan stalled?

My scan has stopped and seems to be stuck.

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Why has my scan stalled?

  1. Some reasons that the scan may have stalled include:

    • The initial scan sometimes takes much longer than subsequent scans.

    • If this is not the first scan, the problem is in most cases due to post-processing. Rescan the website manually. If the problem persists, contact our support team.

    • If this is the first scan after recently adding a large amount of content to your website, this could cause the scan to stall.

    • If the page is protected or requires a login, the scan may stall if the login has not been provided in the Monsido setup. See Scan Protected Documents for instructions on how to set this up.

    • For pages that require a login, check that the submit button (submit selector field) has a name or ID value. See Scan Protected Documents for instructions.

    • If there are no obvious errors, try to navigate to the site in your browser and see if there is a pop-up that is possibly blocking any additional action on the page.

  2. If a scan stops because the amount of data is extremely large, try to limit the number of pages scanned with path constraints or link exclusions. See the user guide article::

  3. See the following Monsido User Guide sections on scans:

If the problem persists, contact the Monsido support team.

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