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Monsido Prerequisites
Monsido Prerequisites

Tasks to perform before Monsido can be used

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This chapter gives instructions on how to meet the prerequisites for the initial Monsido setup.


This section gives information about the required conditions to set up Monsido.

Login and Password

For new customers, refer to the Welcome email for the login link and password.

If a login to your site is required, whitelist the Monsido IP.

IP Addresses used by Monsido:

  • USA and Canada

  • UK and Europe

  • Australie and New Zealand

Ports used:

  • 443 for https

  • 80 for http.

Monsido Chrome Extension (optional)

While not technically a prerequisite, the Monsido Chrome Extension is a very useful tool to help your team identify and correct website content issues.

Note: The requirement to use the extension with Edge (Chromium) is version 79.0.309 or higher.

  1. Download the Chrome Extension here:

  2. Install the extension.

Tip: Add the Monsido extension shortcut to the browser toolbar for easy access.

For setup and instructions, see the User Guide chapter:


It is important to review the terms of the Monsido agreement. The contract automatically renews, and there is a 30-day cancellation notice prior to the renewal date. It is the Monsido recommendation for customers to set up a reminder in the work calendar 30 days before the renewal date.

Review the policy and set alerts for renewal dates.

Next Steps

This section contains information about the order in which to set up Monsido the first time and where to find resources and instructions for the initial configuration.

Set up Monsido for your Team

It is important to add team members and assign permissions so that they can quickly begin the training and start to work in Monsido.

See the User Guide article for full instructions:

In short, these are some of the initial things to do, in this order:

Add domains

For domain setup and instructions, see the User Guide chapter:

Add users

To add users and configure user permissions, see the User Guide chapter:

Configure scans

For instructions on the scan setup and configuration, see the User Guide chapter:

Add the Monsido script

The script is not a requirement for basic use. The following modules, however, require the script:

  • Statistics

  • Heatmaps

  • Consent Manager

  • PageCorrect

  • PageAssist.

For setup and instructions, see the User Guide chapters:

Train your Team

It is important to let your team know what Monsido is and how they can perform their tasks more easily with it.

Plan a startup training session. Monsido offers free training sessions to help new users get started. Training session participants should include all employees or external parties who have the responsibility to update the website content. The training sessions typically cover:

  • Monsido features and modules that are included and how to use them for the best advantage.

  • How to set and reach content management goals.

  • How to keep the team motivated.

  • Personalized help to set up and maintain Monsido.

For more information, see the User Guide Article:

Monsido Support

If you have any questions about your account or the training, send an email to

Monsido Support or use the chat system included with the Monsido account.

The Monsido Help Center contains many valuable guides to help you get started.

For more information, see the User Guide Article:

Additional information

For further assistance, contact the Monsido support team at or via the Monsido chat and help features inside the application.

Image of the toolbar with the Help Center buttons highlighted.

Contact us:

Monsido, Powered by CivicPlus

San Diego, CA, USA

5880 Oberlin Dr,
San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Australia & New Zealand

Suite 2.04
80 Cooper St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark

Borupvang 3
2750 Ballerup, Denmark

London, UK

14 New Street
London, EC2M 4HE

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