Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the alternatives when it comes to Multi-Factor Authentication.

The user is only granted access by presenting 2 pieces of evidence (hence the Two-Factor).

In the case of our implementation, the 2 factors are:

  • The password

  • A One-Time Password (OTP) that is generated through a third- party authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator).

With these two factors, knowledge (password) & possession (OTP), we increase the security of the user account.


To enable 2FA on Monsido:

  1. On the top menu bar, click the user icon in the top right corner of the page. The menu expands.

    Image that shows the location of the Profile button on the top right-hand corner of the page in the main menu bar.

  2. Click Edit my profile.

    The My Profile page opens.

  3. In the Two-Factor Authentication section at the bottom of the window, click Setup.

  4. A message indicates if two-factor authentication is enabled or disabled.

  5. Setup: Click to configure and enable or disable two-factor authentication.

    • A QR code page opens.

    • Scan the QR code with the authentication app on a second device.

    • A 6-digit code is sent to the device.

    • Enter the code into the space provided.

    • Click Submit.

    NOTE: This requires the user to have a TPA app installed such as Google Authenticator, Authy or Hennge OTP.

  6. Click Save to save the changed settings.

Login with 2FA

Follow the instructions on the screen, enter your email and password, and click Log In. When you reach the Two- Factor Authentication screen (Image 1), open your Authenticator app and enter the code shown under Monsido

Image 1

Image showing the two-factor authentication setup screen.

For more information, see the User Guide chapter:

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