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Monsido tracking and cookie declaration
Monsido tracking and cookie declaration

What are we in Monsido actually tracking ?

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See the new updated information on this subject in the Monsido User Guide:

Cookie declaration

About cookie created by the Monsido script.

The cookie is used to track unique returning visitors and to collect page views from the same visitor into a visit session. Note that it is only created when statistics has been enabled. The value is an entirely randomly generated string, and a new one is generated if the cookie is not found.

The cookie expires 30 days after the latest visit and its value is unique to each visitor on each visited domain, eg. it is not shared across domains or with Monsido customers in general.

What are we (Monsido) tracking?

Time and duration of visits to our website, what browser is used, operating systems, screen size, and IP addresses (anonymized).

However, before we anonymize the IP, we extract GEO information. The unique ID is located on the user machine and is not stored anywhere

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