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Can I scan a single page?
Can I scan a single page?

How to perform a single-page scan

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Q: Can I scan a single page?

A: Yes

With Monsido, it is possible to scan an individual page. Additionally, Monsido allows the user to scan any page individually (even pages that are not included in the paid subscription), outside of the normal website crawl.

Single-page scanning has a number of benefits. It is especially useful for error checks on a page that has been recently updated.

Note: Monsido does not track or collect data on pages that are not covered by the subscription, the scan only shows the results at the moment of the scan.

For documentation on how to do a single page scan, see the following resources:

Note: The Monsido IP address must be whitelisted in order for the single page scan to work. The IP addresses used by Monsido are:

United States & Canada

UK & Europe

Australia & New Zealand

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