Q: How can I get a quick overview of my website?

A: The fastest way to get an overview of your website status is the domain dashboard.

The Domain Dashboard is a quick glimpse into your website's performance across all of Monsido's modules. No matter which modules a user may be assigned to, they will begin in the Dashboard. On the page is a scan history, an on-demand button for scans, and several graphs on available modules:

Screenshot of the Monsido Domain Dashboard. Crawl History is displayed in the form of a chart in the top left corner of the page, while Important Notifications are displayed in the top right corner. The remaining body of the page shows the total compliance achieved for the following modules: Content Policies, Quality Assurance, Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization, Heartbeat, and Statistics.

Click on any of the error icons to be taken to a specific part of that module:

Screenshot showing the total compliance achieved for Quality Assurance in the form of a score and a chart, with Quality Assurance Issues displayed to the right and the 'Broken links' results selected.

Admins can start with this page to view, label, and track & repair technical as well as non-technical website content. The module prioritizes pages with errors based on the number of issues found, the number of views received, and the number of links that lead to particular pages.

Click the Prioritized Content button (a bell icon) on the top menu bar to open the module:

For more information, see the User Guide Chapters:

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