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It is important to take the time to inform all stakeholders about the decision to use Monsido. To make this easier, Monsido provides three stakeholder email templates.


Edit the Stakeholder Templates

These are just templates with suggestions on information that should be included. It is not recommended to copy the template instructions exactly. Edit the contents of the template to customize them as needed before you send them to the stakeholders.

We’ve included some highlighted areas to indicate where you should personalize the template. This makes it possible to send the correct message to your stakeholders and ensure that everyone is informed.

Template 1:

Send this email to staff members who make changes to the website but won’t be using Monsido themselves. These people need to know that the website uses Monsido in case any policy changes happen in the future. Examples of stakeholders to inform include:

  • Bloggers

  • Editors

  • Web designers

Template 2:

Anyone who uses Monsido should receive this email to inform them about the upcoming changes to their workflow. Examples of stakeholders to inform include:

  • Content Managers

  • Content Editors

  • Webmasters

  • Web Content Managers

  • Directors of Marketing

Template 3:

Notify all major decision-makers in the organization about the new tool, as these people are essential to ensure that you have the support and resources to get the job done. Examples of stakeholders to inform include:

  • Heads of other departments

  • Project Managers

  • Presidents

  • CEOs

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