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Monsido is equipped with a global search feature to search for any page title, URL, link, or keyword across all domains.


  1. Press CTRL + Space from anywhere in Monsido to open the global search. A search bar appears on the page.

    Screenshot of the Global Search function displayed over the Main Monsido Dashboard, where results are displayed for Crawl History, Content Policies, Quality Assurance, and Accessibility, as well as Important Notifications.

  2. Enter a page title or URL for a list of matches. A list of URL results opens.

  3. Click to select a row from the list to navigate to the website URL.

    Screenshot of Global Search results for the word ''spell''. Relevant pages are displayed with quick info provided on Policies, Dead Links, Broken Images, Misspellings, Accessibility, and SEO.

  4. Click the Page Details button for more details about the page.

  5. Press CMD + Space from anywhere in Monsido to open the Spotlight Search.

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