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Why are links marked as dead when actually they are not?
Why are links marked as dead when actually they are not?

Non-broken links marked as dead

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Q. Why are some of my links marked as 'dead' when actually they are not?

A: There are several possible reasons why links might be marked as dead when they are actually not:

  • The target server was down at the time of the scan.

    A re-scan will normally fix the problem. Or you can mark the link as fixed to remove it from the lists. If the link is broken at the next scan it will be back in the list.

  • The target server might be blocking site scanners and spiders like the Monsido Bot.

    Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others might block scanners that make many requests to their site. Monsido scans thousands of websites every day thus making many requests to these websites. In most cases you can safely Ignore the link if you know that it is in fact correct.

  • The target server has an invalid HTTPS certificate.

    An invalid certificate will cause the link to be marked as dead. Get in touch with the manager of the website and ask them to fix their certificate or Ignore the link if this is impossible.

  • The link points to a login page.

    Links to pages that require a login are often tagged as 'dead'. Ignore the link if this is acceptable to you.

For more information, see the User Guide chapters:

For further assistance, contact the Monsido support team at or via the Monsido chat and help features inside the application.

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