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High Influence non users stakeholder email

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Subject Line: Update about our new web governance tool

Dear (Insert stakeholder name/title here),

As you are aware, we at the (insert department name here) take the Quality Assurance of the website very seriously. The website serves as a reflection of our organization and even minor mistakes or issues can harm our reputation and success.

We’ve been looking for a solution which would allow us to better deliver a quality user experience. After researching the options, we’ve decided to start using the Monsido Web Governance tool suite.

Here are some of the ways that Monsido will help our organization:

(Choose two or three which apply to your organization)

  • Ensure All Content Is Up-to-Date and Accurate: With Monsido, we can identify issues such as pages which have broken links, duplicate titles, or even specific strings of words. This information will let us know which pages are outdated.

  • Improving SEO: Monsido has an SEO module which finds improvement opportunities like missing meta descriptions and heading errors.

  • Find Quality Assurance Issues: Errors like broken links and misspellings cause a bad user experience. Monsido finds these errors and directs you to the exact page so they can be quickly fixed.

  • Reducing Bounce Rate: When broken links take our customers to an error page, they are more likely to bounce. Fixing up our internal broken links means more customers stay on the site.

  • WCAG Compliance: With the Monsido Accessibility module, we help you find and fix issues which may be prohibiting people with disabilities from accessing our website. Choose to flag WCAG compliance issues on all levels up to 2.2 AAA.

You can expect big improvements to our website quality in the upcoming months. The best part is that the Monsido tool does it at a fraction of the cost of an employee and will save us hundreds of hours.

While the rollout of Monsido won’t impact you directly, we wanted to make sure you were aware of this big step we’ve taken towards improving the website.

Best Regards,

(Your title)

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