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Why can't I use generic link text?
Why can't I use generic link text?

Why link text should not be generic

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Q. Why does Monsido flag generic link text as an issue to fix?

Link text should not be generic words such as ''here'' or ''click'' because these terms do not identify the purpose of links in a meaningful way when read by a screen reader. These types of links are flagged as Accessibility issues by Monsido.

Link texts should be written so they make sense out of context. Generic texts such as “Click here” and “More” should be avoided because they give no indication as to the destination of the links.

Examples of link text that may be unclear if read out of context:

For today’s news Click Here

SEO best practices More Info

To fix your website Read More

Examples of link text that meaningfully describe the link destination in a precise and clear manner:

For this reason, the link text below will result in a violation:

Click Here to read more about xyz

The following would, by contrast, not result in a violation:

great descriptive link text here

To create this policy, check the RegEx, clear the case sensitive box, and enter the following in the Query field:

>((?=here)|(?=click)|(?=click here)).+

Click on the following link for more information about Link purpose (In Context).

For more information, see the User Guide chapters:

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