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What happens during a scan?
What happens during a scan?

Information about what happens during a scan

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Q. What happens during a Monsido scan?

A. The first thing that happens is that the Monsido crawler reads every web page on the domain and indexes the content, links, images, and files. We do a GET request on every internal HTML page and (if document scanning is enabled) all Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents. For images, we do a HEAD request and fall back to a GET request if the HEAD request fails.

When the crawl is completed, the collected data is moved from the crawler server to the application server. Depending on the size of your website, this might take some time.

Once the data is moved into place, post-processing begins. Examples of what Monsido does during this stage are:

  1. Classifying every link on the site.

  2. Mapping internal links between pages enables Monsido to prioritize pages and errors.

  3. Detecting page languages and doing a spellcheck on every page.

  4. Analyzing every page for SEO issues.

  5. Running predefined policy testing.

  6. Checking for Accessibility issues.

  7. Sending notifications and reports per email.

Monsido sends a scan report via email when all of the above tasks are done.

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